Some Brands Of CBD Vapes May Contain Cheap, Illegal Synthetic Marijuana


An investigation led by the Associated Press found that some CBD vape pens contain synthetic marijuana. Flora Research Laboratories tested 30 types of CBD vape products sold around the country. The products tested included various brands of vape pens and edibles that law enforcement sources believed to be tainted. The Associated Press reporters purchased the products legally and had them sent to the lab for testing.

The lab results found that ten of the 30 products were filled with illegal and cheap synthetic marijuana, while others contained no CBD at all. Their results are similar to findings made by law enforcement agencies across the country. In those tests, officials at government labs in nine states found synthetic marijuana in 128 samples out of more than 350 tested. 

There have been numerous cases of people being hospitalized after using tainted ite, but officials have been slow to crack down on companies that sell the illegal items. While CBD products are now legal to sell in the United States, the government does not test the products, leaving that up to the manufacturers. Unfortunately, a small number of companies use the lax oversight to sell tainted products in an effort to boost their profits. 

“People have started to see the market grow and there are some fly-by-night companies trying to make a quick buck,” said Marielle Weintraub, president of the U.S. Hemp Authority, an industry group that certifies CBD cosmetics and dietary supplements.

The news outlet pointed out that their investigation only targeted products already suspected of being tainted and does not represent the CBD market as a whole. 

Photo: Getty Images


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