82-Year-Old Man Busted In Years-Long New York City Burglary Spree

Authorities in New York City arrested an 82-year-old man suspected of committing at least ten burglaries over the past five years. Samuel Sabatino managed to steal at least $400,000 worth of jewelry by sneaking into upscale apartments throughout the city.

Police dubbed Sabatino as the "Holiday Burglar" because he would drive from Florida to New York over long holiday weekends when many people were on vacation. He targeted high-end apartment buildings and was able to sneak past security guards and doormen.

Investigators say that Sabatino would walk into the buildings carrying a black bag and make his way to the top floor. He would look for signs that the residents were not home, such as piled up mail and newspapers and break into the empty apartments.

Sabatino was nabbed by police after he tried to get past a security guard claiming he was going to visit his cousin, Suarez. The guard informed him nobody by that name lived in the building and called the police when the alleged thief left.

He was taken into custody and is being held on a $250,000 cash or a $500,000 bond. He faces up to 15 years behind bars if he is convicted.

Photo: NYPD

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