Powerful Landslide in Eastern China Caught on Camera

A powerful landslide in eastern China was caught on camera as it wiped out several cars near a farmer's market this week. At least one person died in the incident after he was freed from the rubble by rescue workers, authorities said. Fire crews used excavators to clear the roads and rescue the man who had become trapped, but he reportedly died on his way to the hospital.

Days of heavy rain and flooding have killed at least least 61 people another 356,000 have been displaced from their homes in the region, authorities said. Thousands of people have needed to be rescued from floods. A bridge also collapsed in south China's Guangdong Province, sending two cars into the

China's Ministry of Emergency Management said in a notice that 9,300 homes have collapsed and at least 3.71 million hectares of farmland has been damaged by the floods and rain.

The cause of the landslide is currently under investigation, but it's believed heavy rainfall contributed.

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