NASA Says Tourists Will Be Able To Visit The International Space Station

Endeavour Orbits Earth Docked To International Space Station

Endeavour Orbits Earth Docked To International Space Station

If you ever wanted to spend a night in space, you will be able to get a chance in 2020. NASA just announced that they will be opening up the International Space Station to private astronauts and tourists, though space will be extremely limited.

The space agency says they "can accommodate up to two short-duration private astronaut missions per year to the International Space Station," and that their trip must privately be funded. NASA estimates that it will cost about $35,000 per day for each astronaut. That includes the cost of supplies, power, and access to the life support system and toilets.

Transport to the International Space Station will be provided by Boeing and SpaceX and could cost upwards of $50 million.

NASA hopes that private companies will begin investing in the creation of new space stations in low-earth orbit and help to build a thriving economy in outer space.

"In the long-term, NASA's goal is to become one of many customers purchasing services from independent, commercial and free-flying habitable destinations in low-Earth orbit," NASA explained. "A robust low-Earth orbit economy will need multiple commercial destinations, and NASA is partnering with industry to pursue dual paths to that objective that either go through the space station or directly to a free-flying destination."

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