Teen Leads Cops On Wild High-Speed Chase In A Stolen Dump Truck

A Connecticut teenager was arrested after he led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen dump truck. Police say the unidentified 15-year-old stole the dump truck, which belongs to the Stratford Department of Public Works, from a baseball field.

Officers saw the teen driving around the parking lot of a Home Depot and asked him to pull over. Instead, the young driver sped away, striking a vehicle as he exited the parking lot. The officers gave chase as he drove at a high rate of speed through the busy streets, weaving dangerously between other vehicles on the road.

At one point the teenager managed to squeeze the large truck between a utility pole and a car that was stopped at a red light.

"It was terrifying to see a dump truck careening towards us at that high of a speed," Carol Mariani, who was in the car with her ten-year-old son, told WTNH. "What do you think in a moment like that? There's nothing you can do. My car was stopped, I couldn't move. I just was worried about my son in the back seat, and I really didn't know how it was going to end."

Luckily, he just scraped the passenger's side of her vehicle as he tried to evade officers.

Police deployed spike strips in an effort to slow the juvenile driver down and end the chase before he could cause any more damage. Another witness captured the dump truck speeding down the street as the rims scraped across the road creating a cloud of smoke behind it.

The boy eventually crashed the stolen truck and was taken into custody following a brief foot chase. He was charged with Reckless Endangerment, Larceny, Interfering With an Officer, Reckless Driving, Evading Responsibility, Operating Without a License, Failure To Bring Vehicle to a Stop and Engaging Police in Pursuit.

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