Man Accused Of Stealing Roommate's $10 Million Lottery Ticket

A California man was arrested after allegedly stealing a lottery ticket that was worth $10 million from his roommate. The winner purchased the $30 scratch-off ticket and thought he won $10,000. He told his roommates about his good luck and planned to cash it the next day.

When he went to collect his winnings, the clerk informed him that his ticket had been altered. It turns out his roommate, Adul Saosongyang, went to the same store and bought the same type of scratch-off. He then altered the losing ticket and swapped it with the winning ticket. 

The next day, Saosongyang went to the lottery office in Sacramento to claim the prize and learned that it was actually $10 million. 

“At this point, the Lottery was unaware this ticket had been reported stolen and began their administrative investigation,” police said. Lottery officials automatically open an investigation into any prize worth more than $350,000. 

Officials reviewed surveillance footage and noticed that Saosongyang did not buy the winning ticket. They contacted Vacaville police and launched a joint investigation. When Saosongyang returned a few days later, thinking that he was about to collect $10 million, he was taken into custody. He was brought to the Sacramento County Jail and charged with grand theft.

Lottery officials said they hope to get the man who bought the ticket his prize but explained that they must complete their investigation first. 

 Photo: Vacaville Police Department

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