Would-Be Thief Knocked Out By Partner-in-Crime


And now, a lesson on how to NOT rob a store. 

Two men in China are going viral after one man managed to take out his own partner-in-crime by hurling a brick at his head. 

The pair can be seen approaching the building and attempt to break into it using some discarded bricks. Unfortunately for them, the window was a lot tougher than they thought. 

One of the men tries smashing the storefront window with the brick, but it bounces off, sending it across the lot. 

Unfortunately for him, he crosses his partner's line-of-fire just as his partner was about to throw his own brick. The brick hits his accomplice in the head. The other man can be seen running over to check on his partner, and pick him up, dragging him away from the scene. 

The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and has since been viewed more than 15 million times on the Weibo social media site. 

Shanghai police captioned the video with: "If thieves are at this level, the police will not have to work overtime." 


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