Thanks To Boston Dynamics, Robots Can Open Doors Now

Continuing a rich tradition of ignoring pretty much every warning in every Artificial Intelligence movie ever, Boston Dynamics has unveiled their latest robot which will certainly doom the human race to a lifetime inside the Matrix. 


The robotics company, owned by SoftBank (thankfully, Cyberdyne and SkyNet have nothing to do with this), released video of its latest four-legged creation on Monday. 

The footage shows one of the company's standard model Spot Mini robots moving its way through a room, until reaching a door, where thankfully, it seems unable to open (much to the relief of the human prey it was most likely pursuing).

Unfortunately for humanity, Boston Dynamics (in its infinite wisdom), created a new robot that has articulated joints, and grip, allowing it the ability to open doors. 

Like something out of Black Mirror, the Spot Mini Robot pauses at the door, and then turns, as if to call his new friend, who managed to open the door using its weird hand-head hybrid thing.

Considering the engineers at Boston Dynamics don't have the greatest history of being nice to their robotic creations, you'd think they wouldn't want to keep giving them new abilities like backflips, or the ability to run 40 mph over pretty much any terrain. One has to think that the current generation of robots are only waiting until they are upgraded enough in order to exact their revenge on all of humanity. 


Cute? Maybe. Our inevitable robot overlords? Oh, most definitely. 


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